The Digital World and the Future of Work - 2016 OECD Idea Factory

The OECD_IdeaFactory invites global experts and Forum participants to work together to explore significant social phenomena, combine their perspectives, and discuss the potential of new approaches and solutions. Inside the IdeaFactory, everyone is part of the process, everyone’s experience counts, and ideas can be combined, tested, prototyped and formed into potential new solutions.
This report contains a summary of all the content captured by the facilitation team through writing and visual dialogue mapping. It is not a complete transcript and does not claim to be precise; we hope it captures the main ideas and concepts that emerged and were discussed during the session. The opinions expressed and arguments employed in this report are those of the participants in the OECD_IdeaFactory and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the OECD or the governments of its member countries.

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